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Fishing Adventure - Ultimate Games

Fishing Adventure is a typical fishing game, where the player can (drums) catch different fish species! Fish in USA, Hawaii and other unique fisheries.Over 30 species of fish, 7 large locations inspired by real places in the world and many interesting quests!

Otherwordly - Ultimate Games

Otherworldly is a horror game set in a dungeon-like place, although I'd consider underestimating its powers by calling it a dungeon. In Otherworldly your objective is to search maze for gold. But be careful, because dangerous monsters lurks in the shadows as well. Use your dexterity to avoid being caught! Find gold, hide in the dark and proceed to the exit.Atmospheric, horror-like game in which your aim to find gold in the labyrinth. Avoid traps, monsters and try to escape with legendary treasures.

Ski Sniper - Crazy Rocks

Have You ever wondered how difficult is to shoot a ski jumper on the fly with a sniper rifle? :) Ski Sniper gives You perfect opportunity to find out! Watch Your perfect shot trajectory from the special bullet-camera perspective. Discover all the sniper weapons including a crossbow! Choose Your perfect sniping spot.

The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda - Chaos Rift Entertainment

A sinister decay has gripped Panda land. Super Panda embarks on an epic quest to find the source of the rot and save his beloved homeland. At the verge of decay, Super Panda’s forest needs rescue. Strange monsters have started to appear and bring ruin to the lands. Lead by a series of mysterious signposts that appeared throughout the land. It’s up to Super Panda to save the beloved forest.

Help me Doctor! - IceTorch Interactive, Angry Angel Games

Become a doctor! Help to diagnose patients. Be careful with the documentation, signatures etc. Decide what your ethics will be. We present "Help me, doctor," the game in which the player takes a role of a doctor. His job is to diagnose patients and this is not as easy as it might seem. First of all, our doctor must always be careful with the documenation, signatures etc. Throughout the game he is carefully monitored by the crooked Ministry of Health.

Please the Gods - Spawn Point OSK

Journey to the land of the Gods in this atmospheric turn-based indie RPG. Vanquish deadly beasts of Finnish mythology and survive in the unforgiving wilderness. Your family is starving and only a miracle can save you. Set on a journey to the land of the Gods to find the legendary Sampo, a treasure of endless riches and nourishment. Please the Gods is an atmospheric old school fantasy roleplaying game, inspired by shamanistic Finnish mythology and tabletop classics such as Hero Quest.

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator - Pyramid Games

A game that will make you a motorcycle repair expert! You can: buy, sell, bid, collect, repair and improve. Don't forget to expand your garage! Gather experience to become the best mechanic in town!

Super Tennis - Ultimate Games

Do you enjoy fast-paced action and sportsmanship? Pick up Super Tennis to take part in exciting matches! Really easy, fast and entertaining game for everyone. Simply tap in the right time to launch ball across the court! Fun quick matches awaits you in cities like Tokyo, Berlin, New York City and London. Unlock new characters to play and take part in various game modes.

Worlds of Magic – Planar Conquest - Wastelands Interactive

Become an all-powerful Warlock and lead one of 8 races to ultimate victory. Discover unique worlds, plunder the underworld and conquer cities. Planar Conquest is a 4X strategy game inspired by Master of Magic. Created to ensure this amazing playability of games from the past, but wrapped in a modern package. "Explore, Develop, Use, Exterminate" - these four words provide the game with fun and challenge.

Technosphere - Adaptive Game

Go on a dangerous journey into the heart of asteroid to save humanity from disaster! Control the TECHNOSPHERE, roll, jump, balance, solve puzzles and go through the mazes. Atlas Corporation is mining crystals in the core of an asteroid in the orbit of the Earth. Due to a failure in the asteroid systems, orbit correction was disabled. Only the TECHNOSPHERE is able to reload the asteroid system and restore the orbit. You have 10 hours to save the earth from disaster!

Down to Hell - Red Dev Studio

Down to hell is a dynamic slasher in which lone swordsman must face the hordes of hellish demons. The player takes on the role of a knight filled with hatred and struggle. During the game the protagonist will have to fight with various demons in order to save the mysterious girl that previously saved him. During the gameplay the player using both weapons and magic will have to fight various terrifying demons. Moreover, in each chapter, there will be at least 3 bosses, where each of them will be a particularly demanding opponent.

Bouncy Bob 2 - MadGamesmith

Bouncy Bob 2 is a great party game! Bounce, shoot, and fight your opponents in various games modes. High replayability and lots of fun guaranteed! Choose your character and prepare to have fun with one of the game modes. In Tower Challenge you need to overcome single-player challenges with rising difficulty. Arena Mode makes you play with your friends on one of the 14 arenas.

The Mims Beginning - Squatting Penguins

The Mims Beginning is a god-like strategy game with a dose of cosmic humor. Experience the mysterious and mystical by taking on a journey with Mims in this strategic god-like video game. Create structures, plant vegetation, breed animals, take care of your minions, use divine PSI powers, triumph in face of natural disasters, fight monsters, predict the future, reveal secrets and so much more. Assume the lead over Mims as they journey across the galaxy in their epic quest!

Blindy - Radoslaw Felich

Take 2D platformer, add some souls-like difficulty, get rid of all useless stuff and turn lights off - that's Blindy. It is not a unfair platformer but its very challenging. Play 60 unique levels in 4 game modes! Each level requires skill, death and practice. Blindy is a hardcore platformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyone.Still want more? Find a coin hidden in every level! Try to not smash your device.

Ships - Ultimate Games

Take control of 3 special-purpose ships and perform interesting missions in the dangerous waters of the Baltic Sea. Participate in the extraction of large-scale marine facilities from the bottom of the sea, in the transport and assembly of large offshore installations, as well as in rescue and transport missions. In a special game mode, you will take direct control of crew members and appropriate accessories (e.g. fire extinguishers, fire hoses, water cannons, inflatable boats, searchlights) to defend the ship against pirate attacks, put out a fire or pick out survivors.

Ultra Off-Road 2019 Alaska - IceTorch Interactive

‘Ultra Off-Road’ is a realistic simulator of a real-life off-road experience and first installment of an upcoming series. Drive through one of the most extreme environments in the world.There are no roads, no paths - only tracks of those who ventured before you. Cars breakdown, fuel is limited and your supplies, scarce. Getting lost is normal and you need to tread your way carefully - yet swiftly. Night limits your vision and sense of direction. Cars get stuck in the mud if you rush without thinking, making you have to use your car’s winch to get out. Crossing rivers and ponds is a gamble you may not win. Rain, snow, fog and blizzard - further increases the difficulty.

Billy Bomber - Jakub Lange

Your goal is to transport Billy's pyrotechnic to the exit using dynamites and springs. You can place them on the map wherever you want, then watch your TNT explode and send Billy into space! Billy Billy is not going to move anywhere, but the explosive dynamite should be the right motivation for him. The game contains 25 different stages, each of which can be completed in many ways. Will you only use TNT, or maybe you'll build a complicated spring sequence? Just be creative and help Billy Bomber, a TNT specialist at his work!

Epic Clicker Journey - Cleversan Software

Show that you are the most persistent traveler and make your journey in the most difficult conditions. Experience your epic journey. Visit 20 mysterious lands and face the monsters that live there. Collect items and experience that will allow you to develop your character and be more effective in combat. Make the defeated creatures help you during the journey. Meet the bravest warriors and conquer the most dangerous lands together.

Shadows 2 Perfidia - MrCiastku

Shadows 2: Perfidia is a survival horror game inspired by classics like the Penumbra series and Layers of Fear. Explore a darkened office complex and uncover the truth behind the horrifying events that have befallen its inhabitants. Play as one of two characters with unique storylines, monster encounters, and gameplay challenges. Navigate a multi-story maze that grows scarier, harder, and more twisted as you struggle to escape the madness.

Catch a Duck - All Those Moments

Face the challenge of catching ducks in a funny hand drawn forest. Outsmart hunters, cause a brawl between a wolf and a bear, use hideouts, move through underground tunnels, avoid traps but make enemies fall into them! Be a sly fox!

Garage Mechanic Simulator - InImages

Garage Mechanic Simulator lets you live the life of a car dealer! Build a car trading business from scratch and expand into a real empire. Now you can own and operate your own auto repair service with Garage Mechanic Simulator. Garage Mechanic Simulatorgives you the behind the scenes view of the daily dealings at local garages and dealership repair shops.

Scrap - Woodland Games

SCRAP is a unique platformer in which you can't stop moving. The remedy to that is jumping. Jump faster and learn new sequences to discover the way forward. But it's not gonna be easy, since each level is harder than the previous one and SCRAP keeps getting faster. You're lucky though, because there are clues and power-ups scattered around to help you. All of this is complemented by a polished graphic design and great soundtrack.

GoFishing 3D - Mastercode

GoFishing3D The Real Fishing is a realistic simulator game. Pack your baits, fishing rod and get on the boat! We offer many big fishing areas, around which you can move freely, as well as sail across the water on your boat. You have a wide variety of hooks, baits and other fishing equipment. You can personalise your character: male & female characters available. A wide variety of fish types. You can also fish using the classic float method, as well as spinning method.

Guess the Word - Baked Games

Let your children learn through play! In Guess the Word, the youngest can learn basic words in English by participating in affordable puns.

The aim of the fun is to put together simple words, using the intuitive tactile controls. The fragments of a drawing depicting a given word help reveal themselves over time.

Gym Hero – Idle Fitness Tycoon - Baked Games

Click, click, click! Do you feel your muscles grow? Gym Hero – Idle Fitness Tycoon will allow you to choose a virtual avatar and guide him to achieve the silhouette of your dreams!

Gym Hero is a game of the type clicker, in which the main goal is to lose unnecessary kilograms by the selected character. You can buy new equipment for training, modify the appearance of the room, or use special services and rent a private trainer. Click and help your avatar make a dream come true!

Darkest Hunters - Ecc Games S.A.

Choose your hero, grab your weapon, learn new spells and … PLAY! Eliminate every nasty beast you encounter, collect loot and find the rarest, and the best equipment ever forged! Remember, this is the life of the Hunter you became, only you can overcome the essence of evil. Only you can win with the Lord of Darkness.

Darkest Hunters offers dozens of hours of challenge for advanced players and anyone who wants to start an epic journey through dark forests, dangerous sands, lava dungeons and much more!

Pet Care - Baked Games

Thanks to Pet Care young players can get to know different animals and their habits. There are 10 lovely pets waiting to be discovered, such as: a cat, a dog, a horse, a frog, or a moose. The gameplay involves looking after them, feeding them and collecting badges.

Each of the virtual animals behaves differently and reacts in different ways to the players. Controlling the game is tactile, which further increases the immersion and bond with the animals. Captivating animations and subdued music will bring your child into the world of virtual gameplay.

Bus FIX 2019 - Ultimate Games INC

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a mechanic? What if you could repair buses?

Accept the repair buses oreders. Diagnose, replace or fix damaged part of buses. Disassemble for example engine parts, chassis parts, tires. Buy new parts. In a game you will find: - 6 different buses. - More than 50 part that yoou can replace by yourself. - Different defects to remove. - An unlimited number of orders for execution. - Richly equipped workshop.

Chicken Rider - Red Dev Studio S.A.

In Chicken Rider you play as a polar bear fighting for animal freedom. This time he goes to a chicken farm to help the chickens kept there. Put on your outfit and get going! Chickens count on your help!

Chicken Rider is an endless runner game in which the player takes on a young polar bear who is fighting for the freedom of other animals. During the attempt to free the hens from the farm, not everything goes his way. During the mission, the hero activates the alarm and is forced to flee on the only available middle of transport ... chicken.

Redneck Skeet Shooting - Mad Gamesmith

Aim and shoot many different flying items. Collect coins to unlock new locations, weapons and characters. Be specific and try to achieve a great result!

You play the role of a rural man who loves to shoot. Your goal is simple - shoot every flying object and master the skills of the shooter. Damaged items give you gold coins that you can use to unlock new locations, weapons and playable characters. You can get trophies and try different styles of the game!

Car Mechanic Manager - InImages

Do you love cars? Do you like to deal with them?
Washing, cleaning, waxing, changing the color of the paint, repair – meet all the wishes of customers!

Buy used cars, repair and sell them. Do you want to earn more? Check Trends and tune cars before sale. New spoilers? Special painting? Or maybe the tuning of the engine? At Car Mechanic Manager, everything is possible!

Hotel Dracula - Baked Games

At Hotel Dracula you are the owner of the hotel and restaurant you manage. Of course, your possessions are not normal – they are attractions for ghostly guests! During the day, the hotel is visited by people and by night the vampires. Guests have different requirements and you must ensure that they leave the building satisfied. Fortunately, you have support in the form of a loyal butler, Quqsimodo and cook – Frankenstein, who are always there to help!

Selma and the Wisp - Toucan Studio

Selma and the Wisp is an amazing platformer with an unprecedented atmosphere. Densely strewn with logic puzzles with unexpected solutions. The game has an innovative gameplay, low-poly graphics and spectacular animations.

Imagine that you are lonely and terrified. Imagine you are lost and you can not expect help from nowhere. Imagine that you are a child who faces the worst nightmare. In the darkness, even the most brilliant stream of light means hope. "Selma and the Wisp" is an amazing platform game with an extremely terrifying atmosphere. Densely dotted with logical puzzles and unexpected obstacles, the game has an innovative style of gameplay, models in low-poly graphics and amazing animations.

ESport Manager - InImages

Coming Soon

Would you like to try yourself as an e-sport manager? ESport Manager is a game based on the idea of e-sport tournaments, especially the most popular ones - FPS and MOBA.

Godly Corp - TR8 Torus Studios

A trainee in the intergalactic corporation managing the universe. Use your tentacle to deal with unusual office tasks.

Master your tentacle and try not to destroy all life on the planets you look after. Every day brings completely new tasks.

Avenger Bird - TiliaSoft

Oh no! Someone has kidnapped your little birds! You must embark on an epic adventure to save them!

Avenger Bird is a platform game with pixel graphics, but your hero is not an ordinary hero. You play a bird that can flap its small wings to fly and glide over limited distances. It is a retro-inspired game with a 16-bit era with an innovative and demanding flying / gliding mechanic

Car Trader - Ultimate Games INC

Buy cars in various states, renew and sell them while earning money. But watch out for the popularity of this type of vehicle during the auction, because you can overpay.

In Car Trader, you buy cars at car auctions in different states, renew them and sell to earn money. But watch out for the popularity of this type of vehicle during the auction!

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